Honorable Representatives; Thank you for inviting me to share my testimony, at this very important and timely hearing.

I am a Mexican citizen, now a resident of the United States of America. On June 13, 2007, my American wife and I were kidnapped from our ranch in central Mexico. My wife was released within minutes, but I was held for ransom for 7 1/2 long months.

I was held in a small box, subjected to frequent and brutal torture, including bloody beatings, broken bones, two gunshot wounds, as well as daily psychological torture and starvation. All of this was photographed by the kidnappers and sent to my wife through e mails. All of this was to pressure her into giving them an 8 million dollar ransom payment, an amount that we never had.

My wife requested that the FBI assist in the investigation of our case, but the Mexican Authorities denied that request.

Although my wife and I have cooperated completely with the Mexican Federal Authorities and the Mexican Attorney General’s Office, a proper investigation has never happened.

There have been thousands upon thousands of kidnappings in Mexico in the past 5 years. In many of these cases, eventually arrests have been made, especially with habitual kidnappers, but not in our case.

There are only two reasons why the current Mexican administration would cover up or protect our kidnappers: Because they choose to continue their long-standing position of tolerance of criminal terrorist groups like these, or because there are members of the Mexican Federal Police implicated in our kidnapping.

According to members of the Federal Police, our kidnappers are members of a Mexican Revolutionary Army; terrorists with international ties. They have committed more than two hundred kidnappings in the past 20 years, raising millions and millions of dollars. In almost all of these cases, they have enjoyed absolute impunity. During this time, the different Mexican administrations have maintained a passive stance of not detaining, or punishing these acts of terrorism and kidnapping, when committed by these armed revolutionary groups, even those with known international ties.

It is also possible that my wife and I have been victimized by a group affiliated closely with, or protected by the Mexican Federal Authorities, even at the highest level. Police at this level would know very well how to mimmic these armed revolutionaries who kidnap to raise funds for their cause. They would also know that the passive governmental stance on these kidnappings, would likely guarantee their impunity.

My wife is not the only American to have been victimized by this group of terrorists. This group continues to kidnap, victimizing even a former Mexican Senator and presidential candidate. They currently have yet another victim.

The Federal Authorities told my wife the following;

That this a terrorist revolutionary army with international links, numbering in the

thousands, with cells in every state.

 They have attacked several Sears and Citibank / Banamex locations, and Pemex

pipelines with the use of explosives. 

 This group has already infiltrated the Mexican political system, with members

holding political office in many states.

 They have ties to the Venezuelan government, former Cuban agents, former ETA

members from Spain who train them in the use of explosives.

They have ties to other Latin American countries, and have members from the

United States and other countries.

 The members of this terrorist organization have Marxist tendencies and are

driven by an ideology, with a hatred toward the United States and all capitalism.

It should be noted that as soon as my wife and I went public with our story, the Mexican Authorities denied any mention of the above.  Having the world know that they have been tolerating acts of terror, targeting Americans and American companies, among others, could have serious implications.

My wife and I have warned in media interviews for months now about the links between armed Mexican Revolutionaries and other criminal organizations, and criminals and terrorists from other countries, including countries in the middle east.

Today’s headlines announce the alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador by using Mexican criminals. Please take this attempt at using Mexican criminals very seriously.

After all that I have experienced and learned since my kidnapping, I beg that you increase the U.S. involvement in Mexico. The Mexican government, military and police are all plagued with corruption. Any “official” statistics on crime coming from Mexico are completely unreliable. The vast majority of criminal acts, including kidnappings are never even reported. Whatever is reported is commonly manipulated. The truth is that Mexico is a criminal paradise.

In the cities like Tijuana, where there has been noticeable improvement, and a decrease in criminal activity, there has been a much higher level of U.S. involvement.

Please take my warnings seriously, and insist on more U.S. involvement in the war against criminal activity and terrorism in Mexico. Please investigate these armed revolutionary terrorist groups with known international links before they have a chance to damage on a larger scale.

Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Foreign Affairs
21 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515


October 12, 2011

Expert Witness; Eduardo Garcia Valseca, Mexican Kidnap victim and survivor.
U.S. representative of “Movimiento Blanco”, a non-profit organization for
peace in Mexico in the face of the kidnapping and crime plague.

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